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LoVe is a project about love, the connection and complicity between twenty couples. After so many years of observing and photographing people, there's one thing that has always fascinated me: when someone whispers, touches or gazes at their partner in a special way. It was something I had never experienced in any of my relationships. When Marta became part of my life twenty-one years ago, I could finally understand what those couples shared. Since then I haven't stopped observing and photographing her, and one day I came up with the idea of making a book out of this experience. 

I decided to gather fifteen couples who reminded me of what I feel for Marta. It's a long-term project because I have to find this special kind of people who want to share their intimacy in the context of this book. 


Are you one of them? It does not matter your age, occupation, sex orientation, or where you live. I'm just looking for people who share special connection. 

There will be only fifty copies of LoVe, all of them in paper. I do not intend to show this work in the blog you are reading. I rather conceive it as a reflexion of the creative process. I hope you accompany me in this journey of discovery. 

Would you like to become part of LoVe?

If you are interested or know somebody who would, please contact me at: 

On our wedding day photographed by our daughter Carla, aged 11 at the time.


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  2. What an exciting project this is! I can’t wait to see what comes of this new adventure!


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